About the SUSF

Q. What is the Southern Utah Senior Foundation (SUSF)?

A. The Southern Utah Senior Foundation (SUSF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Southern Utah’s active senior lifestyle. Formed by SunRiver St. George residents in January 2017, the SUSF received tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3) corporation in September 2017. The foundation is run by a volunteer board.

Q. What does the SUSF do for seniors?

A. The SUSF provides additional amenities within a community making it easier for seniors to stay physically active and remain socially engaged throughout their senior years. We also provide resources to other organizations within Washington County that provide needed services for seniors.

Q. What area does the SUSF cover?

A. The SUSF covers SunRiver St. George and senior support entities in the city of St. George and the greater Washington County area.

Q. What connection does the SUSF have to the SunRiver Board of Trustees, the SunRiver Management company, and SunRiver Development?

A. There is no connection. The SUSF is entirely separate from any other organization or entity. Where appropriate, the Foundation coordinates with SunRiver’s Board of Trustees and the management company to coordinate support for specific projects.

Q. Who is on the board and are they paid?

A. Currently, the board members are Steve Mielke, president; David Patten, treasurer; Erik Nilson, secretary, and Douglas Mckinlay, trustee. Board positions are voluntary; no one is paid.

Q. How does the Foundation select projects?

A. Most projects come from ideas submitted by donors or other interested parties. The Foundation decides whether to fund a project by how closely it aligns with the goals of the Foundation, how long it would take to fund and implement, and how likely we are to raise enough funds to complete the project. If you have a project idea, please submit it to the Board via email at admin@suseniors.org, or complete and submit the “Questions and Comment” form from our website at www.suseniors.org.

How to Donate

Q. How do I donate?

A. You may donate in person at any of the Foundation’s fundraising activities, via the website at suseniors.org, or by sending your check made payable to “Southern Utah Senior Foundation” to SUSF, c/o Steven Mielke, 1606 Morane Manor Dr., St. George UT 84790.

Q. Can anyone contribute?

A. Donations to the SUSF can be from anyone.

Q. I would like to donate. May I designate the donation be used for a specific project?

A. Yes. You may designate the donation for any project adopted by the Foundation and listed to receive funding. (Any designated funds in excess of the actual cost of the project will be put into the general fund.)

Q. Are my donations tax deductible?

A. Yes. As a 501(c)(3) corporation, donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible. Please contact your tax advisor for details.

Q. Can I donate to the SUSF directly using all or part of my annual Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)?

A. Yes, and it can be a great way to support an organization you care about while minimizing your taxes. Contact your tax advisor for information on how to direct your RMD to the Foundation.

Additional Information

Q. Beyond donating, how can I get involved in the SUSF?

A. Volunteering to help with fundraiser events, planned projects, and other activities is a great way to get involved with the foundation. Contact the SUSF via email at admin@suseniors.org. We would love to explore your areas of interest.

Q. How do I learn more about the SUSF?

A. Please visit our website at www.suseniors.org or contact us via email at admin@suseniors.org.